Snow Globe- Bristol Old Vic at the Lantern ☆☆☆☆

Kid Carpet has brought a snow globe from his old mate Gary Barlow and all he needs now is for it to snow to guarantee a white festive season. The only problem is- as explained by the helpful weather presenter who turns up- there’s only a pea sized chance of any snow falling. Will he get the happy ending he deserves? Will the droll talking refrigerator completely steal the show from his human counterparts? Will Ronaldo or Messi win out as the ultimate sporting idol? Will the packed crowd of 3-7 year olds completely take over and create anarchy in the Lantern this Christmas?

For Kid Carpet’s latest show for the younger generation at BOV is packed full of questions like this. Children’s theatre may be seen as the poor relation to the more grown up stuff by some of the more sniffy members of the fraternity, but they should try standing up and perform in front of a baying pack of children. Watching as a single male adult from the back row is both a terrifying but thoroughly invigorating experience. You will never find a more honest audience. Bore them and they riot. Enchant them and you have them in the palm of your hand. There is only success or failure. Nothing else will do.

Thankfully Carpet is an experience hand at this, his show a constantly moving blend of colour, interactivity and dancing.  Along with Susie Donkie of Spitz and Co who takes on roles as diverse as  weather forecaster, Kylie Minogue (not sure of her traction with this generation- nor Barlow for that matter) and the Portuguese football star with slick backed hair and rock hard abs the two throw every trick of the trade to keep the young ones enthralled. There is no narrative to speak off, just one set piece after another a surreal game of tennis,a Mexican/Portuguese wave, nursery rhyme songs giving a hip mash up. Does Carpet get his wish at the end? Does snow fall this Christmas? Well it is the festive season, what do you think?

Highly accomplished and masterfully executed it is a show that puts as much thought and effort into pleasing its audience as the big Christmas show down the road on Kings Street. The kids have spoken. A joy.

Snow Globe plays at the Lantern, Colston Hall until 7 January 2018

Snow Globe - Photo by Paul Blakemore (1).JPG

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